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SIP 10.7 Dealing with ‘Crisis Mode’

Thirsty for a Strong Instructional Practice? Recently, the SIPsquad has been feeling like we’re in “crisis mode,” and we know others feel the same. Faculty, staff and students seem stressed out in general and anxious about the future. Pressures at work, increased urgency around deadlines and the fielding of multiple requests from superiors are creating …

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SIP 3.1 Graphic Syllabus

This image has information the course content, assignments, grading, policies, and required materials for a class.

Thirsty for Strong Instructional Practice? Traditionally syllabi have been brief outlines that listed the scope and sequence of course topics, readings and assignments. Today however, the syllabus has become a quasi-legal contract between a course instructor and the students exacting in grueling detail the rules, regulations, and expectations for class – from policies on laptop …

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