Objectives-2, BIO 3220, Nervous System


1. Review the general function of the nervous system.

2. Compare and contrast the central and peripheral nervous system.

3. Describe the parts of a neuron.

4. Define neuroglia. Give some examples of neuroglial cells.

5. Discuss the development of the nervous system – include neurulation, neural tube, germinal layer, mantle layer, marginal layer, neuroblast, spongioblast, alar plate, basal plate, neural crest cell, first order sensory neuron and second order sensory neuron.

6. Identify the location of the spinal cord.

7. Define meninges. Name the specific components and describe their function.

8. Define cauda equina.

9. Contrast the location and function of gray matter versus white matter in the spinal cord.

10. Describe spinal nerves. Name the hole that allows them to exit the vertebrae. Explain dorsal and ventral roots, and dorsal and ventral rami as they relate to the spinal cord.

11. Define plexus.

12. Define occipitospinal nerve.

13. Discuss the functions of spinal nerves.

14. Explain what a ventricle is in the nervous system. Name and locate the ventricles. Explain how the ventricles interconnect.

15. Name the three parts of the embryonic brain.

16. Describe the telencephalon, rhinencephalon and cerebral hemispheres.

17. Describe the paleostriatum, neostriatum, hyperstriatum and basal nuclei.

18. Locate the cerebral cortex and discuss its functions.

19. Describe the diencephalon – including the functions of the epithalamus, thalamus and hypothalamus.

20. Locate the mesencephalon. Lists its parts and functions.

21. Locate the parts of the rhombencephalon and discuss their functions.

22. List the 12 cranial nerves per your nerve handout. Describe the sensory and motor functions. Locate where they emerge from the brain. Discuss any phylogenetic differences amongst the vertebrates. Name the cranial nerves unique to amniotes.

23. Compare the Autonomic Nervous System to the somatic efferent system.

24. Name the two divisions of the A.N.S. and briefly compare their functions and structures.

25. Name the two A.N.S. neurons.

26. Define autonomic ganglia. List three types.

27. Contrast adrenergic and cholinergic.

28. Describe the location and function of the adrenal medulla. What does it secrete?

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