Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Rules


  1. No food or drink is allowed in lab.
  2.  All doors must remain closed and locked for active shooter reasons.
  3. Safety glasses are required for all dissection labs.
  4. Disposable gloves are necessary and are provided. A lab coat or an old shirt to protect your clothing is highly recommended but not provided.
  5. Respirators with filters for formalin are available upon request.  Lab goggles are               available upon request.
  6. All used scalpel blades must be placed in the red sharps container.  If needed, ask            your instructor for assistance in replacing your scalper blades. Do not use scalpels          as pointers during dissection.
  7. No laboratory specimens (bones included) may leave the lab room.  (Bones are on        reserve at the Auraria library.)
  8. Review and abide by the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Safety Guidelines from the Marieb Lab Manual.
  9. Follow University protocols for COVID-19.
  10. Here is animal preservative information for those with health concerns, including pregnancy:


  1. Work in groups of four people per animal.
  2. When in doubt, never cut a structure without first asking your instructor.
  3. Double bag the animals using the large plastic bags that came with them plus a            second bag provided by your instructor or in cupboard labeled with “bags.”                    Attach  the name tag securely.  Place in the assigned refrigerator.
  4. Your tags should be filled in with a waterproof pen. Include the names of all students using the mink, the instructor’s name, the semester, and either BIO 2310 or BIO 2320.
  5. Never use someone else’s dissection specimen unless you have the instructor’s permission. If you do use another animal, have the courtesy to bag and tag it properly.
  6. Always clean up your trays and work area thoroughly when you are done with the            dissection.
  7.  Only animal parts should go into the hazardous waste containers.  Plastic, gloves,         paper towel all go in regular trash.


THERE ARE NONE.  All labs can be done within the allotted amount of time,                       providing you prepare for the lab by reading the lab manual, and work diligently                   in lab.  If you would like some extra time to study in lab, you may work with one                    of the other classes, provided:

  1. You obtain permission of the instructor teaching the lab.
  2. There is not a lab test set up or being taken by the other class.
  3. There is enough room for you to work.