Objectives-1, BIO 2310, Axial Skeleton

1. Name the cranial bones of the skull.

2. Name the facial bones of the skull.

3. Identify the principal structures of the cranial and facial bones (i.e. know about structures observed in lab).

4. Define fontanel and explain its purpose.

5. Name the 4 main cranial sutures and describe their location.

6. Name the bones that comprise the zygomatic arch.

7. Name the bones that contribute to the orbit (eye socket).

8. Name the structure that is housed in the sella turcica.

9. Name the bones comprising the nasal septum.

10. Name the bones that comprise the hard palate.

11. Name the bones that contain alveoli (alveolar processes) for teeth.

12. Name the bone that anchors the tongue muscles and describe what makes this bone unique.

13. Name the regions of the vertebral column and the number of vertebrae in each region.

14. Name the structure between adjacent vertebral bodies. What is it composed of?

15. Name the first and second cervical vertebrae.

16. Name the peg-like process of C-2.

17. Describe the features of a typical vertebra.

18. Name the 3 main portions of the sternum.

19. Describe the difference between true, floating, and false ribs. How many ribs are in each category.