Objectives-1 BIO 2310, Skeletal Tissue

1. Describe the basic characteristics of cartilage.

2. Identify, describe, and give an example of the 3 basic cartilage types.

3. Describe the composition of bone.

4. Define osteocyte, osteoblast, and osteoclast.

5. List and describe the 7 parts of a typical long bone.

6. Name the 2 types of bone according to the amount of interosseous space. Describe the features of the osteon.

7. Describe the 2 methods of ossification.

8. Explain how bones increase in diameter.

9. Name the 4 main classifications of bones according to their shape. Give an example of each.

10. Describe the various markings of the surface of bone (e.g. fissure, facet, foramen, meatus, fossa, condyle).

11. How many bones are there in an adult human skeleton?

12. Name the 2 main divisions of the human skeleton and the number of bones in each division.

13. List the overall functions of the skeletal system.