Outline-2, BIO 2320, Lymphatic System


I. Function

A. Drain fluid and protein

B. Transport fats

C. Produce lymphocytes

D. Develop antibodies

II. Lymph vessels

A. Lymph and interstitial fluid

B. Lymph capillaries (blind)

More permeable than blood capillary

C. Lymphatics (along veins)

Lymph vessels

D. Thoracic duct

1. Left upper body & below ribs

2. Left internal jugular & L. subclavian Veins

E. Right Lymphatic duct

1. R. upper body

2. R. internal jugular & R. subclavian Veins

F. Lymph nodes

1. Function

a. Filter lymph

b. Remove debris

c. Make lymphocytes, plasma cells, antibodies

G. Tonsils

1. Pharyngeal (adenoid)

2. Palatines

3. Linguals

4. Make lymphocytes

H. Spleen

1. Red, White pulp

2. Function

a. Phagocytose bacteria, old RBC

b. Store RBC

c. Make lymphocytes

I. Thymus

Large in children but mostly replaced by fat and connective tissue in adult, produces T-cells which are lymphocytes that can specifically respond to antigens such as parasites, cancer cells, intracellular viruses, and foreign transplants – cell mediated immunity