Outline-1, BIO 2320, Autonomic Nervous System Review

III. Autonomic Nervous System

A. Anatomy

1. Visceral efferent of P.N.S.

2. Smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, glands

3. Below conscious level

B. Sympathetic Nervous System

1. Expends energy

2. Preganglionic neurons T1 – L2

3. Adrenal medulla

C. Parasympathetic Nervous System

1. Conserves energy

2. Preganglionic neurons S2 – S4; Cranial Nerves III, VII, IX, X

3. Not to skin, blood vessels

D. Neurotransmitters

1. AcetylcholineCholinergic nerve fibers

a. Parasympathetic Pre & Postganglionic fibers

b. Sympathetic Preganglionic fibers

2. NorepinephrineAdrenergic nerve fibers

a. Sympathetic Postganglionic fibers

E. Actions

F. Controls – hypothalamus