Answers, BIO 2310, Muscular System


1. The arrangement is as a lever system which gives you a mechanical advantage making the work less.

2. Origin is the muscle attachment at the less-moveable or proximal end. The fleshy middle is the belly. The insertion is the distal, more-moveable attachment of the muscle to the bone.

3. A lever provides a mechanical advantage. The pivot point’s the fulcrum.

Lever one is like a seesaw. With fulcrum in the middle and effort on one side & resistance on the the other.

Lever two is like holding a wheel barrow. The fulcrum (the wheel) is at one end, the resistance (load in the barrow) is in the middle and the effort (you holding the handles) is at the opposite end.

Lever three is like holding a shovel. The fulcrum (your back hand in the handle) is at one end, the effort (your front hand lifting the load) is in the middle and the resistance (the load in the shovel blade) is at the opposite end.

4. The agonist causes the desired movement. The antagonist opposes the movement. The synergist helps the agonist with the desired movement. A fixator is a stabilizer.

5. Direction of fibers, number of origins, shape, function, origin/insertion…

6. Know human muscle handout well!