Outline-2, BIO 2310, Movement of Skeletal Muscle


A. Origin, insertion, belly

B. Lever systems

1. Class 1 lever

Effort, Fulcrum, Resistance (=Load)

2. Class 2 lever

Fulcrum, Resistance, Effort

3. Class 3 lever

Fulcrum, Effort, Resistance

C. Muscle Group Actions

1. Agonist –the prime mover, causes a desired action

2. Antagonist –opposite effect of the agonist

3. Synergist –helps the agonist in the desired action

4. Fixator –stabilizing muscle

D. Naming of Skeletal Muscles

1. Action –e.g. Extensor digitorum

2. Origin and insertion –e.g. Sternocleidomastoid

3. Direction of muscle fibers –e.g. External abdominal oblique

4. Location –e.g. Tibialis anterior

5. Number of origins –e.g. Biceps brachii

6. Size –e.g. Gluteus maximus

7. Shape –e.g. Deltoid