Objectives-2, BIO 2310, Coloring Exercise

Coloring Exercise

Print the following images and bring them to class.

Facial Muscles

facial muscles

Muscles of Head

muscles of head

Neck Muscles

neck muscles


Chest 1 Muscles

chest-1 muscles

Chest 2 Muscles

chest-2 muscles

Shoulder 1 Muscles

shoulder-1 muscles

Shoulder 2 Muscles

shoulder-2 muscles

Arm 2 Muscles

arm-2 muscles

Arm 3 Muscles

arm-3 muscles

Back 1 Muscles

back-1 muscles

Back 2 Muscles

back-2 muscles

Back 3 Muscles

back-3 muscles

Back 4 Muscles

back-4 muscles

Abdomen 3 Muscles

abdomen-3 muscles

Abdomen 4 Muscles

abdomen-4 muscles

Pelvis Muscles

pelvis muscles

Thigh Muscles

thigh muscles

Leg 2 Muscles

leg-2 muscles