Answers, BIO 2320, Lymphatic

Objectives – 2, BIO 2320, Lymphatic SystemAnswers


1.Lymph vessels, lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen, thymus

2. Drain fluid & protein, transport fats, make lymphocytes (immunity) of which B lymphocytes transform into plasma cells that make antibodies that fight infection.

3.Similar in composition to interstitial fluid, but in the lymph vessels.

4.Lymph capillary, lymphatics, thoracic duct or R. lymphatic duct to venous system

5.Thoracic duct drains left upper body and all of lower body & dumps lymph into the junction of L. internal jugular and L subclavian veins.

6.R. Lymphatic duct collects lymph from right upper body and empties into the junction between right internal jugular and right subclavian veins.

7.Palatines (most commonly removed), linguals and pharyngeal

8.Thymus is above the heart in the mediastinum and makes T lymphocytes that function in immunity. It is unique in that it is replaced by connective tissue in adults. The spleen is inferior to the stomach and has red pulp where RBCs are stored and old ones are destroyed and white pulp where lymphocytes are made and microorganisms are “eaten” by phagocytes.

9.Numerous locations along the lymphatics & they function to filter the lymph. This is a battleground for fighting infection and lymph nodes also make lymphocytes that fight infection & function in immunity.