Objectives-2, BIO 3220, Reproductive System


1. Discuss the development of the gonads.

2. Name the female and male gonad.

3. Review the anatomy of the testes. Discuss the testes position in the adult of vertebrate species.

4. Follow the ejaculatory pathway of sperm. Contrast this pathway between nonplacental and placental mammals.

5. Describe various copulatory organs, including claspers, gonopodium, hemipenes, and penis.

6. Describe the ovaries and oviducts amongst the vertebrates.

7. Discuss the development of oviducts.

8. Describe the uterus, cervix and vagina in mammals.

9. Characterize the cloaca, vent, anus, urorectal fold, coprodeum, urodeum, and proctodeum.

10. Discuss the terminal urogenital tract in placental mammals, including that of humans.

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